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Location Russia
The last winner Rotor
April 20 11:37 |Tribune|Blog Kazakhstani legionaries | KZ ©

RPL, Belgium, Germany, Spain: updated list of Kazakhstanis who play abroad

From Zainutdinov and Merkel to Zhukov and Vorogovsky.

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19 april 19:29 |Blog Anton Gorshkov | Logo design

Logo for FC "Olympic"

New emblem for the Olympic amateur club.

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19 april 19:16 |Blog Anton Gorshkov | Logo design

Logo for FC Solnechny and Championship Sunny League

Project overview for a team from Yekaterinburg.

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April 19, 14:00 |Tribune|Blog Uzbek cuisine

"Playing in the team of Nick Kartaviy, amateur football in Russia, going into mini-football." The story of a guy from Uzbekistan

Evdokim Raimov spoke with Shokhrukh Rozikov and his amazing story

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19 april 00:27 |Tribune|Blog Mein tavriden


During the weeks of the break, the grass grew in the fields, and the kids began to frolic in the fan sectors

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18 april 14:55 |Tribune|Blog My "Torpedo" in the FNL

The penalty kick determined the outcome of the Torpedo game in Grozny, Nino and Orenburg will decide everything in a face-to-face meeting. Results of the 37th round of the FNL

The central match of the 37th round "Alania" - "Torpedo" ended in a draw thanks to a penalty awarded in favor of the guests in the 88th minute of the match. “Orenburg” and “Nino” on the eve of the face-to-face meeting, which will take place in a week on the field of the South Urals, continue to gain points in unison.

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