The 6 founding clubs of the Super League will receive 350 million euros each. 225 million - four, 112.5 million - two, 100 million - three

It became known how the funds will be distributed among the participants of the Superleague of Europe.

The budget of the tournament is just over 3.5 billion euros. If the Super League has 15 founding clubs, then the funds will be distributed as follows: 6 clubs will receive 350 million euros each, 4 clubs each 225 million euros, 2 clubs each 112.5 million euros and three clubs each 100 million euros, writes Spanish newspaper El País, citing its own sources.

It is also said that the Super League is scheduled to begin in 2022.

As a reminder, at the moment the tournament has 12 founding clubs. This is Real,Barcelona, Atlético, Juventus, Inter, Milan, "Manchester United", "Liverpool", Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea...

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