18 April 22:50 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

Belarusian poker player Nikita Bodyakovsky won $ 352,019 in SCOOP tournament on PokerStars

From April 4th to April 28th, the largest poker room in the world PokerStars is hosting the SCOOP 2021 Spring Championship - the full name of the Spring Championship of Online Poker series, and this time the total guaranteed prize pool became a record in the history of its existence ...

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16 April 18:27 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

Molly Bloom - where is the poker princess and what is she doing now?

Who knew anything about Molly Bloom before 2017? Maybe professional players and some other people from the poker community.

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15 april 01:12 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

How old was the oldest and youngest World Series of Poker champion?

In a sense, poker is a unique game. You can play and win here at any age (of course, being an adult!), And history knows a lot of examples when the elderly or, on the contrary, very young people became champions.

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12 April 16:27 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

Bryn Kenny: Best Poker Player Ever With $ 20M Winner in One Tournament

There is an ongoing debate over who can be considered the best poker player in the world. And this question cannot be answered unambiguously.

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11 april 22:22 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

One of the best female poker players in history, retired early: Vanessa Russo

Even if this beautiful blonde did not succeed in gaining fame as a talented poker player, she would certainly have had tremendous success in other areas: law or, for example, music. Literally everything that falls into the hands of Vanessa Russo turns ...

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8 April 19:19 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

As a poker player, he rose from $ 50 to many millions. Tom Dwan's story

What do many novice players dream of? About big money, fame and adoration. Separately, we can note the dream of breaking into the world poker arena the way Tom Dwan did.

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6 April 21:02 |Tribune|Blog Poker world

All about video poker

Video poker is a very well-known type of poker in modern online casinos. The aim of the game is to get one of nine winning combinations, the payout depends entirely on the complexity of the collected poker combination.

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31 march 17:06 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

How a fast food seller turned poker into a dollar millionaire

Patience and a little effort. This proverb perfectly reflects the life of Rick Alvarado.

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30 March 22:13 |Tribune|Blog Playingstars - all about poker

Liya Novikova: the story of a streamer-poker player with a sad ending

For a long time, Lilia "Liay5" Novikova was known on the Internet primarily as a successful e-sportswoman. She was the captain of several quite popular teams in Dota, and for some period of her life the game brought good ...

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