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    Zhuzha Polgar. Experiment

    It was with her that the "miracle of the Polgar sisters" began, but for all her truly outstanding chess abilities and achievements, which most women never dreamed of, she forever remained in the shadow of her ingenious, absolutely best in the history of this game ...
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    Daniil Dubov. The magic of the intellect

    What is more important in chess - the game or the result? Mind-blowing games that delight and inspire amateurs or a cupboard full of cups and prizes? Bizarre monologues, brilliant interviews with an underdog and a rock 'n' roll guy, or the boredom of government officials ...
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    Drowning for Ian Nepomniachtchi. It's time for him to go out to Carlsen!

    The current Candidates Tournament, like everything else in the era of a pandemic, is unique ... In chess, and especially in the world championship competitions, there has never been anything like that for more than a year to pass between the first and second rounds in the competition. It's safe to say: ...
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    FIDE Candidates Tournament 2020/21. And what happened in the first circle?

    389 days elapsed between the first and second rounds of the FIDE Candidates Tournament. Now no one really remembers, but what happened in Yekaterinburg in March 2020? How did Vachier-Lagrave come to the top? Where is Caruana's Elo favorite? What caused Ding Liren to fail? ...
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    Miguel Najdorf. "Miguel el Grande"

    It seems that he got into the history of chess rather than as a practical player, but as a joker and joker, whose name is associated with much more all kinds of stories and rallies than played games ... But Miguel Najdorf became the real foundation of Argentine ...
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    Garry Kasparov. King of the world

    From his first steps in chess, he unwittingly competed with eternity ... Thanks to enormous will, titanic work on the game, dedication, sometimes bordering on messianism, Garry Kasparov was able to fully realize his outstanding tala ...
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    Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Not just flames!

    After watching a couple of brilliant attacks performed by Shah, it might seem that you know everything about him! But it is unlikely that a player who only knows how to attack and as if the prima donna depends on his own mood - he has inspiration, sweeps away any obstacles, beat ...
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    How to get an appointment with Magnus Carlsen?

    How to become a world champion? Win a match against the champion! How to become a participant in a match? Win the Candidates Tournament. Well, how to get into this tournament? There are many paths, six at once, and all of them require the manifestation of exceptional qualities. Let's talk about them.
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