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49 years ago, the Soviet club reached the final of the Eurocup for the first time. It was Dynamo. Moscow!

In the summer of 1970, the Moscow Dynamo beat their teammates from Tbilisi with a score of 2: 1 in the USSR Cup final and got the right to make their debut in Europe - in the Cup Winners' Cup.

But the Soviet football calendar was drawn up so crookedly that the team of Konstantin Beskov took the start in the tournament only in the fall of 1971.

And the Muscovites started very cool, beating Olympiacos 2: 0 in Piraeus. Vladimir Kozlov's double allowed the team not to worry about the return match.

And, as it turned out, there was something to worry about. In Petrovsky Park, the Greeks won 2: 1 - in the next round the hosts brought the goal of Jozsef Szabo.

The same Kozlov led Dynamo to the quarterfinals. The legendary striker scored two goals in the confrontation with the Turkish Eskisehirspor: Soviet footballers won two victories with a minimum score of 1: 0.

And in March 1972, another forward showed himself - Anatoly Kozhemyakin. He twice upset the Red Star goalkeeper, and Dynamo went to the semifinals. In Belgrade, Mikhail Gershkovich scored the decisive one in the 90th minute (2: 1), and in Tashkent they went 1: 1.

In the battle for the final, a Dynamo derby happened - Moscow against East Berlin. And again, the forward who scored twice - Gennady Evryuzhikhin, decided against the Muscovites. In the GDR they played 1: 1, and on April 20, 1972, at the Druzhba stadium in Lviv, the referee recorded the same score.

The penalty shootout delighted 25 thousand spectators. Oleg Dolmatov, Anatoly Baidachny, Evryuzhikhin and Alexander Makhovikov shot clearly, and their Berlin teammates blundered. Vladimir Pilgui pulled the ball out of the net only once - 4: 1.

Dynamo - in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup! There the Scots from the Rangers were waiting for the Muscovites, who stepped over Rennes, Sporting, Torino and Bayern.

Capital "Dynamo" became the first Soviet club that made it to the final of the European Cup tournament.

It's funny that the USSR football has four finals in total. All four times it was the Cup Winners' Cup. And all four times a team called "Dynamo" was cut for the trophy.

Even more real football in our and !

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